Why are some podcasts successful and others aren't? Everything you want to know about growing your audience comes down to one thing - how you market your podcast to listeners.

How to Promote and Market Your Podcast

If you're seeking to discover how to promote a podcast and grow a listenership, you're in the best location!

You likely got into podcasting with the objective of triggering a conversation around a subject you're passionate about. Cultivating a neighborhood of listeners from worldwide who share your interests, who value your point of view on a subject.

As Hot Pod turned five earlier this year, they asked their readers "What are you most frustrated by about the podcasting industry?". Readers offered their responses with one stating, "It is so difficult to get people to know my show exists. I've attempted whatever to boost my numbers ... it's so hard to promote yourself above the sea of podcasts, specifically if you're not a brand-new buzzy program."

20 Ideas to Build Your Podcast Following

Podcast marketing isn't a one-size-fits-all game. A technique that floods numerous downloads for one show might be a sluggish drip for another.

Keep range in mind when charting out a marketing method and see what sticks. You'll need to go through experimentation at the start, determining what works and on which channels. Checking originalities, various messaging angles, and pushing yourself out of package may uncover the audience you've been looking for.

If optimization isn't your forte, you might want to reach out to an SEO expert who can help optimize your podcast descriptions in order to acheive high rankings in organic searches.

1. Release a minimum of 3 episodes on launch day